This isn't who I am.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Take me there.

I'd like to live in a small house, on a hill, with open plan living so the bright sun of the day will stream through the windows and bounce of the pale yellow walls. Not based far from the city but just far enough that you don't have to hear the busy sounds of the city hustle and bustle. A record player in the corner, that sits there, doesn't get played often and doesn't collect dust often at all. I'd like a cave, a cave with dangling objects and wind-chimes from the roof, though there would be no wind. this enchanting space would be not tall enough that you could stand, but just enough so you could sit cross legged and read amazing lyrics while sipping tea. the door to this cave would be a picket-fence gate, with a heart at the top, so small you have to crawl in on your hands and knees.