This isn't who I am.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Alpha and Omega.

Alpha: The beginning, before all else, the first.
Omega: The final, the last, the end.

"The Last, The End."
These words never made too much sense to me, then again no words ever did. Does anything ever actually end, and with that concept, does anything actually begin?

Existance, Time.
Existing, are we really? How do I know this isn't all just a figment of a higher force's imagination?
How do I know this is even real?
Are these words even real, when nothing feels real anymore?
I don't know anything, I know nothing.

I don't know if there is an 'end', yet I dare not believe in forever.
Why is nothing promised to me?

These contradictory and hypocritical words will end. These words will only fade into sleepless thoughts, many to be had, or none.
I don't know anything.

I'll tell myself otherwise, but I know, I'll try and convince myself something that which is furthest from the truth.

How do you find hope in a world with no certainties?
I've found I'll never be found, I'll never stop searching.